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Permaculture Course Australia – The original Australian Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC) with the original Australian curriculum as set by the founders of Permaculture Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.
Earn your internationally recognised PDC in Australia!

Cutting Edge Permaculture Education

Learn from a team of PDC teachers and specialist presenters.

Ian Trew Permaculture Teacher Australia

Ian Trew

PDC Teacher

BSc Psychology & Health Science, Dipl Ayurveda, PDC Principal Teacher & Noosa Forest Retreat Co-Founder.

Christina Laurikainen

PDC Teacher

BEnvSc Environmental Science, Dipl Laboratory Technology, Research Scientist & PDC Teacher at Noosa Forest Retreat. Focus on Agroecology & Phytochemistry.

Anthony Bugden

Specialist Presenter

LLB BEnvSc Law & Environmental Science – Anthony Bugden has a background in sustainability, technology and legal consulting. He has worked in the built environment with focus on strata & community title governance.

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Permaculture Courses Australia

Certified Permaculture Course Educators

Team of community teachers,  Ian Trew (Bachelor Psychology & Health Science) & Christina Laurikainen (Bachelor Environmental Science), along with a team of specialist presenters.

You will benefit from our collective community experience, inspiration & valuable knowledge. Individual attention after class and post course to offer you best Permaculture course & ongoing journey possible. 

Specialist presenters on Urban Permaculture, Syntropic Farming, Governance & Community, Fungi, Mindfulness Training, Natural Movement, Food Preservation, Cell Grazing, Holistic Management & more. 

Shared Permaculture Community Living

Live on and enjoy a grass-roots developing Australian Permaculture community in the beautiful subtropical Noosa Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Noosa Forest Retreat community is a living example of a small group working together to develop sustainable, nutritious permaculture food systems in a shared natural environment. 

Noosa Forest Retreat Community is being developed to nourish mind, body and soul while looking after the greater body of the earth. Learn to design and implement sustainable systems for yourself & others.

At the Permaculture Design Certificate Course Australia you will gain valuable skills in landscape design, how to evaluate the soil, grow nutrient rich food, life changing bio-hacks to achieve peak health & vitality and much, much more.


The Founder & Keynote Permaculture Teacher

Permaculture teacher Ian Trew, daughter Bliss & permaculture co-founder Bill Mollison.
Permaculture teacher Ian Trew, daughter Bliss & permaculture co-founder Bill Mollison – photo taken in the early 90s.

Ian Trew is keynote presenter and permaculture course teacher of the Permaculture Design Certificate course, co-founder of Noosa Forest Retreat, a holistic permaculture education centre & community, and manager of Beach Health Retreat on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

One of the first Permaculture Course Australia teacher gatherings in New South Wales, Australia – with Permaculture co-founder David Holmgren.

Ian has been practising permaculture, integrated & holistic health for over 28 years.

Permaculture course Australia convergence; David Holmgren, Ian Trew, Tanya Madgwick,  Robina McCurdy, Robyn Francis
Permaculture course Australia convergence; David Holmgren, Ian Trew, Tanya Madgwick, Robina McCurdy, Robyn Francis.

Student Reviews

What our students say about their permaculture course experience:

Jimmyz 4Gen
Permaculture Course Student

“Incredible, vibrant, authentic, open armed, friendly and respectful eco community in paradise. One of its founders and chief educators in Permaculture, Ian, is bursting with knowledge and passion, well instructed by the world renowned founding members of the Permaculture Design Course, with their endorsement and peer review – gaining PDC internationally doesn’t get much better than learning here :)”

Sam Champtaloup
Permaculture Course Student

“I was studying architecture in Australia at Queensland University when I took the Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC Course) at Noosa Forest Retreat with a fantastic, diverse and inspiring group of students from all walks of life. Utilising the knowledge and confidence I obtained in the Permaculture Course, I have not only secured a job with a great architecture organisation but also had the opportunity to return to Noosa Forest Retreat and present my developing interest on permaculture and architecture. Thank you Noosa Forest Retreat for a great permaculture course, life changing experience and ongoing community support.”

Lee-Anne Rowen
Permaculture Course Student

“Noosa Forest Retreat’s Permaculture Design Course encourages empathetic design ensuring the sustainable stewardship of natural and built environments to ensure a healthy and enjoyable future for all. The theory is demonstrated onsite with the living, permaculture community and gardens. This course benefits the home gardener, town planner, developer, financiers and agriculturalist alike. Thank you to the team at Noosa Forest Retreat for an all encompassing educational experience.”

Dan Surfrider
Permaculture Course Student

“What I’ve gained on insight on how many options we have to change this world for the better was huge, but the motivation, compassion and enthusiasm for doing so was over the top. I’d highly recommend this place for anyone to come with an open mind and getting it blown.”

From $1,995 Student & Couples Special with camping. Tents can be hired if needed.

Permaculture Course Options & Booking

Permaculture Course Australia Queensland PDC Circle
Permaculture course opening ceremony Noosa Forest Retreat
Permaculture course graduation day at Noosa Forest Retreat, Sunshine Coast Australia
Permaculture course graduation day at Noosa Forest Retreat, Sunshine Coast Australia

Internationally Recognised Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)

The internationally recognised Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) certifies that you have completed the 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate Course (PDC Course), including 12 units curriculum, 36 classes plus practicals and final design exercise.

Our residential Permaculture Course will gently guide you through the life changing Permaculture journey, providing all the support and encouragement you need. You will obtain the overall knowledge, confidence and skills to offer a range of permaculture, farm & garden services and consultations.

You will also obtain permaculture design skills and professional network contacts to save thousands of dollars creating and implementing detailed healthy sustainable property designs for your self, family and friends.

You will be able to make an income offering permaculture design, implementation & maintenance services to others as a business.

Inspiring, supporting and empowering you to help make the world a better healthier place for all beings!


4-Day Practical Permaculture Course

Following the Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Limited spots only   

The Permaculture Design Certificate Course focuses on design, but does include a chance to practice some of  what you learn.

GET $200 OFF

$799 regular – for 4 days 

$599 when booked with PDC course. 

Includes camping accommodation, tuition & food.

BYO tent, private & shared rooms available.

The 4-day practical permaculture course is including food and accommodation.

Including a practical introduction on regenerative agriculture and syntropic farming.

Our Permaculture Course Australia teaching facility is located on a lush 160 acre shared community property in the United Nations awarded Noosa Biosphere on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland. One of biggest Australian permaculture projects where you can see permaculture in action and get confident with practical exercises and optional extra curricula activities an on this beautiful lush Australian permaculture community property.

Permaculture Design Certificate Course Australia, Queensland,  Noosa Forest Retreat
Permaculture Design Certificate Course Queensland, Australia, Noosa Forest Retreat

About Noosa Forest Retreat

Noosa Forest Retreat started as a grass-roots permaculture community of like minded people, exploring the cutting edge of a permaculture vision.

Together, we are developing land to live an inspired and satisfying life, taking care of the Earth and each other, as an applied example of the three permaculture ethics: Earth care, people care and fair share.

The Noosa Forest Retreat land is a 160acre property officially registered as Land for Wildlife. The community home of Noosa Forest Retreat has been awarded Ambassador of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation, which has been entrusted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) and Noosa Council to protect Noosa’s global status as a Biosphere Reserve.

Noosa Forest Retreat is a permaculture community & education centre teaching the internationally recognised Permaculture Design Certificate Course Australia (PDC Course).

Up To $400 Discount

$200 Discount For Early Birds, Students & Couples.

Get a great discount on the Permaculture Design Certificate Course when booking early, currently studying, or bringing your partner.
Early bird discount only applicable for camping options.

What You’ll Get With Our Permaculture Course

  • 72 Hours of inspiring, life affirming and life changing permaculture course teaching, covering the world recognised PDC Australia curriculum by Permaculture co-originators David Holmgren & Bill Mollison.
  • Healthy lunch each day prepared with healthy farm fresh organic  and local ingredients from our community chef.
  • An extensive & exclusive NFR handbook of course notes & course materials to reference & take home.
  • Hands-on extra curricula permaculture action, biohacks & practicals. 
  • Relax, Rejuvenate and enjoy Australia’s  subtropical climate in Noosa’s beautiful Sunshine Coast, Queensland.
  • Free camping in beautiful lush natural setting bordering National Park, bring your own tent (limited private and share rooms available).
  • Yoga & Meditation morning (optional).
  • Free Access to; Office, internet, phone, AV equipment, library, bathroom & laundry.
  • A deeper understanding and empowering experience of life, yourself, human culture, the planet, food and health.
  • Connect, work with and make lifetime friends with others who share your interest in integrated natural health, sustainability and best permaculture practice in Australia.
  • Exclusive follow up community access and support for your projects.