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Learn from a team of PDC teachers and specialist presenters.

Ian Trew Permaculture Teacher Australia

Ian Trew

PDC Teacher

BSc Psychology & Health Science, Dipl Ayurveda, PDC Principal Teacher & Noosa Forest Retreat Co-Founder.

Christina Laurikainen

PDC Teacher

BEnvSc Environmental Science, Dipl Laboratory Technology, Research Scientist & PDC Teacher at Noosa Forest Retreat. Focus on Agroecology & Phytochemistry.

Anthony Bugden

Specialist Presenter

LLB BEnvSc Law & Environmental Science – Anthony Bugden has a background in sustainability, technology and legal consulting. He has worked in the built environment with focus on strata & community title governance.

About Noosa Forest Retreat

Noosa Forest Retreat started as a grass-roots community of like minded people, exploring the cutting edge of a permaculture vision.

Together, we are developing land to live an inspired and satisfying life, taking care of the Earth and each other, as an applied example of the three permaculture ethics: Earth care, people care and fair share.

The Noosa Forest Retreat land is a 160acre property officially registered as Land for Wildlife. The founder of Noosa Forest Retreat has been awarded Ambassador of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve Foundation, which has been entrusted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Noosa Council to protect Noosa’s global status as a Biosphere Reserve.

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